Keep The Internet Open! Join The Campaign...

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Hi guys, do you like to surf the internet today the way it is... The worlds governments are meeting today to discuss whether or not we the consumers should be able to look at anything we want and they are also discussing whether to track what we are watching, reading and listening to.

I want the internet to stay how it is! You with me? Millions, maybe billions of people feel the way i do so come on, support the cause! Lets all tell the worlds governments to keep the internet free an open!

Time To Sell Your Site/Blog? Here's Some Pointers...

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So you have come to the conclusion that its time to sell your website/blog but you dont know what steps to take? Well here's some tips...

Get Your Site In Shape

This step must be one of the most import as if your site isn't up to scratch it wouldn't appeal to buyers. What buyers will be looking for are visuals, content and gadgets i.e video tools, comment boxes and interactive widgets.

Release a document

This step would be your selling point. It should consist of traffic reports, so the buyer can see how the site has grown over time and whether your audience continue to return.  Your revenue would be the most import as no one will buy for nothing.

Buyers would also want to know your expenses, how much do you spend maintaining your site... Hosting, content and yearly domain name.

Do you have social network accounts? Buyers would want to know how many followers you have as i have previously stated social networks are great advertising tools.

Where to list your site?

Finally you would have to list your site on selling websites such as Flippa, websitebroker or buysellwebsites.

I hope this information helps you sell your site. Good Luck!

Top Tech News - Facebook, 3D Printers And More...

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Facebook has announce its Users will NOT be able to vote against policy changes after an email was sent out to all users stating Facebook wanted a more 'meaningful' way for users to give feedback. So how are they going to be making a more meaningful way for suggestions? We'll just have to wait and see.

3D Printers
So 3D printers have been around for over 40 years, but soon they will be just another house hold essential as prices have fallen dramatically. But this raises questions. If you have a 3D print and for instance want to make your self a model of a product or trade mark you would have to by the license to do so else you would be breaching copyright. 

Cyber Hackers
A student hacked into the PayPal website, costing the company 3.5 million. What a great way to pay off your student loans? No its not a good thing. This started because PayPal refused to process WikiLeaks payments.

UN Net Control
The United nations telecoms company should not be allowed to control the internet. The united nations shouldnt be allowed to do so because the internet is from the general public. This is causing debates as users dont like the idea of having their internet usage tracked. What do you think?

Leave a comment about any of the above subjects.

Where Are We?

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WRYM has been expanding on the web to reach all the corners, you can find me Dillon Smart or WRYM on pretty much every social network from LinkedIn to Facebook and Instagram to Twitter, i'm there.
Social Networks are a great way to interact with your audience, and not only that its free adversing. Sticking on that note WRYM offers you to write for us, which is a great way to connect with a new audience. We do ask only one thing in favour, and that is for you to share some of our content. Couldn't hurt right?

Moving on, WRYM is still in the process of getting T-Shirts printed ready in time for Christmas. Weather you would like the old logo or the new logo they will be available on Amazon. Follow us on Twitter to be one of the first to know.

Looper 2012 Review

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This is the first WRYM film review and i feel this is a good place to start!
This film is full of action, adventure and has a great story line. Rated as the best action film of the year i feel this has really stepped up the mark for future films in the same genre.

I'm a true lover of action films and Bruce Willis is probably the perfect person to play one of the main roles in this film.

Im not going to be giving you any details of the story line as i wouldn't want to ruin it for any people out there who have yet seen it.
But overall i would give this film a 4.5 out of 5.

If you agree or disagree please leave some feedback in the comment section. As always please share this post on your favourite social networking sites!

5000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovered In Afganistan

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So this is out of the ordinary for the genre of articles i do, but i thought i should share this with my audience, and because i want WRYM to be "More Open Minded"

So, there is a conspiracy that in Afghanistan there is a cave, and inside is a 5000 year old flying machine... Sounds silly right, but according to what has been said over at "Before Its News" 8-9 American Soldiers have lost their lives trying to gain access to the "Flying Machine"

But where did this speculation come from? Well in the past few weeks many of the worlds most powerful leaders had been rushed to Afghanistan to see what all the commotion was about.

The "Flying Machine" or otherwise called the Vimana is trapped in a time-well where it has been left for 5000 years.

Is this true, or is it a lie. Either way us, the general public probably won't here about the true for another 50 years... which is when governments have to spill the beans, although i still think there is alot we still haven't been told. Only time can tell.

How Things Have Changed (Part 1)

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I started WRYM back in January 2012. Although its only been 10 months, which in internet terms means WRYM is still a toddler, a lot has changed. By this mean our services, techniques, social presence and most noticeable the design of the site its self! For those viewers who have been with us since the beginning you may remember this...
 In the past few months i have taken a more of a "sat back approach" as i was working on to many things at once which i feel led to a lack in article quality. But don't worry, those are out the window and I'm taking things slower. Some things I've been working on are way before there time but ONE day they will come around!

Many thanks to all you reading this and hope you will be here to read the next "How things have changed" post! But as usual, if you have liked this post then please share it, comment and check out the services we can provide for YOU!

How To Read Someones Mind

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Hi guys, after all this time i've been running WRYM i still havent written an article on reading someones mind. But as you can see, thats about to change, and about time to!

The Human Lie Detector
Its easy to tell if some people are lieing, whereas there are many people who give no obvious signs. Its really simple when you know. Below is a list of things to look out for if you happen to not have a lie detector machine in your pocket!

  • Check there heart rate
  • If they are right handed they may look right or figet with there right limbs and the same with left handed people
  • Blushing
  • Laughing 
These are the simplest ways to check if someone is telling the truth or not, if you don't believe me try it out and leave a comment explaining your experiences. Don't forget to share this post! Other posts related to this title will be following.

How much would you pay for the universe (Response to Neil deGrasse Tyson)

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The Universe is a dream, for children of today, and the children of tomorrow, so how can the U.S say they cannot afford to make dreams happen if they are so valuable. 4/10 of a penny in every 1 USD paid in taxes to NASA! 4 USD in every 1000, honestly is that all the government will pay for the universe?

I felt i should contribute to the on going argument on why NASA is getting so poorly underpaid, which in result destroyed the space shuttle. Below is the inspirational video i watched, and please share this post every where, get others talking, and keep those children dreaming! They are our future.

My Top 10 IOS Apps

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I am a frequent IOS user and love what apple have done, but if it wasn't for the applications i wouldn't have purchase any of their portable devices.

Here is MY top 10 apps for IOS, baring in mine most of them are games.

  1. Blogger - Simple and easy to use
  2. BBC Iplayer - Never miss a thing 
  3. Youtube - Direct access to your YouTube Account

Artificial Jellyfish Made From A Rat!?!

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So guys, its all about the title here. Yes, scientists in the US have made a "Free Swimming Jellyfish". I'm all for science and do find the majority of findings/theory's rather interesting, but come on, this is just weird! Honestly, what do you get from a Jellyfish made from Rat muscle cell structures?

The team made a replica silicone swimming Jellyfish which contained Rat cells, with a slight joult from an electrical current it began showing swimming movements. But how do we know this wasn't the muscle cells having a spasm?

Microsoft Fixes 'Big Boobs' Codeing Error

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What!? I guess thats what your thinking, well its simple, Microsoft was alerted to a coding error which was labeled "Big Boobs" if like me you may be thinking "Why would anybody at Microsoft give a massive chunk of coding the name "Big Boobs". What can i say, Microsoft does like pulling random things out of the hat.

The hexadecimal string 0xB16B00B5 and for those people who loved writing "Boobs" on the old school calculators you should be able to see it in the previous code name.
It was discovered in the code which helps a Microsoft program which works on Linux open source software. Yes, i know, i have written about Linux for the second time!

Sci-Fi Movies Are Great!

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If like me, you love a good old Sci-fi film then you may already know what im going to be telling you about today. The way Sci-fi film influence our day lives, yep i said it, science fiction is effecting you right now!

Technology, a key factor in this day and age. With everything from Banks to Baking, there online. But did you know that if it wasn't for Star Trek we probably wouldn't have mobile phones, and if it wasn't for the star ship enterprise, NASA may not be trying to reach the outer reaches of our solar system. Lets face it, if it wasn't for a load of nerds writing science fiction you probably wouldn't be reading this post.

History Of Google - Part 2

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Hello again, and welcome to your second dose of Google History, which has lots to offer, and is really interesting as the company only started out as a research project out the back of a garage. Grantee you didn't know that. Well if your did "Good for you" because if you knew that then you will know the rest of this article and may consider closing the tab and looking for some thing more interesting on GOOGLE!

Anyhow, if you haven't already feel free to subscribe to the blog via email for direct Email updates when i post anything new! Also if you are a budding write, blogger or just want something online that you have written then you can always Write For Us! A simple, great way to get your content to a knew audience.

History Of Google - Part 1

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Google, a well know name, and the most viewed site in the whole of the world wide web. Yes Google is the most viewed site along side Facebook and YouTube. But did you know the origins of the search engine giant? In this 3 part series i will be revealing almost every step in the timeline of the worlds favorite online company.

So Google, where did things start? To be honest to get a clearer picture we have to look back before it was even thought of, which takes us to Yahoo. Google will come into this post after a little more background history. Before i begin don't forget to subscribe to the site to know when part 2 is published. ( To the right)

Is Making Money From Blogging That Important?

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After some time most bloggers will come to the point where making money from their blog is achievable, but in my case that isn't. I'm not saying that my blog isn't getting any views because it is, and if your reading this its a view right? Anyhow, making money from blogging, and i mean enough that it really makes a difference takes time, effort and determination.

In this article i will explain what you should and should do when trying to make a little extra money. Also don't forget to subscribe to the Newsletter for the latest tips and tricks in the blogging world, i mean why not, its free and safe! If you don't want to do that then subscribe to the blog via email, its to your right.

Games To Look Out For In 2013

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So far 2013 looks to be a promising year for the gaming industry, which is worth more than music and film in the U.K. People just love games. This post will contain games being released later this year, early 2013 and games that are still waiting to be announced also GTA game play.  So lets get this ball rolling.

DCM (Devil May Cry) Release date (15 January 2013) The game has been injected with dark and brutal game play which may redifne the game franchise. Published by Capcom and developed by ninja theory this game is very promising for those who love action. Available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Why People Don't Blog About Linux

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Im guessing you clicked this post or link mainly because you are a current Linux user or debating to be a Linux user, and i know there are many people who ponder around the question "Why aren't people talking about Linux more?" Its simple, there simply aren't enough Linux users out there to make it as popular online as Apple or Microsoft.

1.2% of web traffic comes from Linux users, hence why i myself don't write articles about Linux, excluding this one of course. I'm not a current Linux user, but i have used it a little bit and i don't talk about it a hole deal mainly because, whats the point?

I ain't going to go spending all my time focusing on Linux if i know im not going to get enough views. But you know, if this article goes down well then maybe i will start paying more attention to the subject.

Are You A Gamer?

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I love gaming, it doesn't rule my life and isn't my hobby, but i do enjoy sitting down and spend half an hour to an hour on GTA, Call Of Duty Assassins Creed or Skyrim. On the other hand many people play games all day, and most of the night. If you aren't a gamer then you may not understand the fascination but for those who are they do understand. You may look at a gamer and think they have no life, but they aren't committing crimes are they?

Playing computer games or video games is actually good for you, not to much obviously but it can help your brain function faster, not forgetting having faster reaction speeds. There is more to it.