5000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovered In Afganistan

So this is out of the ordinary for the genre of articles i do, but i thought i should share this with my audience, and because i want WRYM to be "More Open Minded"

So, there is a conspiracy that in Afghanistan there is a cave, and inside is a 5000 year old flying machine... Sounds silly right, but according to what has been said over at "Before Its News" 8-9 American Soldiers have lost their lives trying to gain access to the "Flying Machine"

But where did this speculation come from? Well in the past few weeks many of the worlds most powerful leaders had been rushed to Afghanistan to see what all the commotion was about.

The "Flying Machine" or otherwise called the Vimana is trapped in a time-well where it has been left for 5000 years.

Is this true, or is it a lie. Either way us, the general public probably won't here about the true for another 50 years... which is when governments have to spill the beans, although i still think there is alot we still haven't been told. Only time can tell.

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