Does Technology Rule The World?

Technology is in our everyday lives, unless we get stuck in a desert and have to eat off a decaying buffalo and sleep in a cave for weeks waiting for rescue. Ok so I've gone off topic in the first line, dread to think what the rest of this post is going to end up like.

Anyways, technology, you can't really get away from it. Its in the work place, at home and everywhere you look. So does it really rule the world? Are we too dependent on it?

Lets take a look back in time to the year 1999, for some viewers you may not remember this and i hardly do as i was only little but i can slightly remember some bits. The Year 2000 bug...

As many know, computer programs are made up of a massive sequence of 0 and 1, so how would any computer program work in the year 2000? This was the issue and many people felt the world would come to a stand still as government collapsed, banks crashed and people working with computers having to stop work. Did it happen? No it didn't for those who may be reading this for years to come and weren't even born in the wonderful 1900's.

This bring on the question Do we rely on technology to much? I mean if people panicked back then , surely things would be much worse now or in the future if computers and other technologies just stopped. 

If you come to think of it, if all modern day technology, such as industrial machines, computer and portable devices such as mobile phones were all to be taken off the earth pretty much everyone would be out of a job, well presides traditional farmers and people who cut hair for a living.Hospitals gone, social structure gone, society gone, peoples lives would be gone and unfortunately, and don't cry over this -WRYM gone. Ok you not crying, but would you? Joking.But if all tech was gone, people loosing their jobs, food no longer exported to other country's. Yeah things would get pretty chaotic.

So in this post i have put forth a few reasons why i feel we will all die!... if tech was banished from the earth completely.

If you liked this post or felt the same way as me if tech died then please comment or share it with others so they can die of boredom

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