Windows User To A Mac User

Okay im guessing everyone's heard of Apple and Windows, well if not then you haven't clearly lived in our technological world.

Well anyways i used to have a Windows OS based computer and at the time which was around 4 years ago you know as they say I thought it was the 'Bees knees.' as the whole design of it was just so clean so easy to use . Anyone could use Windows its easy to learn the basics of it .

I used to like the colours on Windows yes believe it or not its sad but oh well. I used to like he fact that one click away and you was on the internet or other things such as Windows live messenger, as there were vibrant desktop icons going along the bottom of the computer screen or larger desktop icons . It used to be like my best friend as i had easy access to social networking applications or sites and they Would run smoothly on Windows with out a problem.
But then came along Apple , my first Device from Apple was there Ipod touch , amazing cleverly smart device. and well half a year ago now I came into the Hands of a 2009 Apple Macbook, yes it may not be the latest of its kind But i already prefer it over a Windows Computer, Macintosh does look a lot different to windows and it is a lot faster with powering up as on windows its usually a ridiculously slow process But this is not the case on my Macbook.

Also i needed a higher spec computer to hold my Graphic software and there was no better Device than a computer running on the faster More elegant Macintosh. Okay maybe some Windows computers could have supported the software but i knew that this would slow up the computer to a snails pace. Running on Macintosh OS the Macbook Though be it a bit battered and gone through a lot of ware and tear it hasnt slowed down since the first day it was bought.


  1. Ever since I was in high school I wanted a mac. But I'll be honest I knew nothing about them but they were pretty and everyone on TV had them. I knew there was a reason for this. As I grew older I learned more and more about macs and found out they don't get viruses and are just 10x better than pcs. I felt like my pcs died every 2 years.

    Last year my grandma passed away and left me some money so I finally bought my first mac!! I LOVE IT!! I just wish I had spent a little more and gotten a laptop. Oh well. But I love it and it sucks having to use a PC at work. But I've had my mac for a year and a half and have never had any issues and it still runs like new!

  2. Yes i see your point, the only thing is that most computers rarely get viruses nowadays and if they do its through social networks, so either way macs and PC's are the same when it comes to internet security. And yes Macs are good because you get it built in but the best security is not to download any illegal files, but thank you for your input.

  3. Beth Anne, what mac OS are you running on?