Hi there, my name is Dillon Smart and i run WRYM (WeReadYourMind) and have come to the point where i feel all my viewers should know a bit more about what the ambitions are and what my Blog is all about.

So i start WRYM mainly by accident, and this is because when i was buying a domain name for my blog my preferred choice wasn't available, then a suggestion popped up and a took it - obviously it was www.wereadyourmind.com  but i haven't looked back as the name a loan has brought many people here.

I started Blogging back in early 2010 but didn't really know what i was doing and with only views from myself and the occasional 1 or 2 for the US i quickly gave up, but re-appeared later that year when i received an email from Blogger, ran by Google, saying they had updated the Blogger platform, so i logged back in to see what had changed. From there i made many blogs about every subject you could think of. Over time i noticed my niche "Technology and Blogging" and started up www.dillonsmart.blogspot.com (no longer available because that was the old name for this site)

In January 2012 WRYM came to me and ever scine has been my Blog, which without YOU would be lost in the cloud by now. I know my Articles have changed from time to time but that main niche will always be there and as the site changes over time things will get easier and the content better.

In April 2012 i alowed anybody to write for the blog, but haveing to send it via email. This cause my Girlfriend and my close friend to write for me, later turning into blogger like myself and running their own ones, but they still write for me from time to time, and they aren't the only ones.

In June of 2012 i opened the WRYM Weekly newsletter which is a tool for me to send out vital information to my viewers via email, you can sign up its to the right of the screen. In the newsletter i explain the recent posts, author promotions (People Who Write For Me) and the latest updates and soon to be Updates.

As the site gets bigger and more popular there have been many others who have inquired about writing for me and some who have actually got to the point of writing for me. The future for WRYM is to allow anyone to sing in to the site and post reviews or just general articles about any subject they like.

Thats it for the time line of WRYM for now, hope to here from you budding writers and keen viewers!

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