Are You A Gamer?

I love gaming, it doesn't rule my life and isn't my hobby, but i do enjoy sitting down and spend half an hour to an hour on GTA, Call Of Duty Assassins Creed or Skyrim. On the other hand many people play games all day, and most of the night. If you aren't a gamer then you may not understand the fascination but for those who are they do understand. You may look at a gamer and think they have no life, but they aren't committing crimes are they?

Playing computer games or video games is actually good for you, not to much obviously but it can help your brain function faster, not forgetting having faster reaction speeds. There is more to it.

Although im a casual gamer i do see the down sides such as children playing games that are far to violent for them. For a young child to have access to violent content may affect them in future life, causing them to be violent or distressed. There is an age limit for a reason. Adults play these games because its fun and not realistic as they know the difference from real life to the virtual world, whereas a child may struggle with the transition and pretty much become a zombie when in front of the screen.

I myself have witnessed what i like to call "Gaming Fits". My younger brother (only 3 years in difference) when distracted from his game pulls a massive "fit" screaming "you made me loose my kill streak" and many may not understand why this may be an issue, but people can simply get addicted to games.

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