Why People Don't Blog About Linux

Im guessing you clicked this post or link mainly because you are a current Linux user or debating to be a Linux user, and i know there are many people who ponder around the question "Why aren't people talking about Linux more?" Its simple, there simply aren't enough Linux users out there to make it as popular online as Apple or Microsoft.

1.2% of web traffic comes from Linux users, hence why i myself don't write articles about Linux, excluding this one of course. I'm not a current Linux user, but i have used it a little bit and i don't talk about it a hole deal mainly because, whats the point?

I ain't going to go spending all my time focusing on Linux if i know im not going to get enough views. But you know, if this article goes down well then maybe i will start paying more attention to the subject.

There is more web traffic coming from Tablet computers then there are Linux, well atleast on my blog there is. And i have seen comments on other people's blogs saying "Why dont you ever talk about Linux, im a Linux user i feel you are pushing us aside" well to be honest, why complain about what others are doing and just do it yourself.

If you are a Linux user and your read this thinking about what was just said, then why do you go set an example and start up a blog souly about Linux and prove to the rest of the web that this is what you should be talking about. Don't rely on others to talk about it, i mean why should they. If Linux users are't talking about there OS then why should Windows or Mac users?

Reading back on that last paragraph, it sounds like im putting Linux users down, and im not. I have nothing against Linux. I would user Linux if they produced there own hardware along side their software. But you have to instal it on your current computer and its just not practical.

So, Linux users of the world, if you want people to talk about Linux then do it yourself to set an example. But if you don't want to start up a whole new blog then simply write for me. Email me articles about your experiences with Linux and why people should use it.

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