How Things Have Changed (Part 1)

I started WRYM back in January 2012. Although its only been 10 months, which in internet terms means WRYM is still a toddler, a lot has changed. By this mean our services, techniques, social presence and most noticeable the design of the site its self! For those viewers who have been with us since the beginning you may remember this...
 In the past few months i have taken a more of a "sat back approach" as i was working on to many things at once which i feel led to a lack in article quality. But don't worry, those are out the window and I'm taking things slower. Some things I've been working on are way before there time but ONE day they will come around!

Many thanks to all you reading this and hope you will be here to read the next "How things have changed" post! But as usual, if you have liked this post then please share it, comment and check out the services we can provide for YOU!

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