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Hello again, I'm going to start by saying I may make a new pages called 'PB' posts which stands for Playbook Posts,and this is because I seem to writing about half of my posts from my Playbook which may explain some of my spelling mistakes because I'm still getting used to typing on it. If you feel I should go and make a new pages comment, share or email me.

Anyway, in this post I will be talking about the changes in technology, and whether it's to hard to keep up with what's new.

So, as we all know, technology changes almost as quick as the weather, but do you continue to buy what's 'new'. As I guess this is what everyone is thinking, it is hard to keep up to date with the latest technology unless you are made of money, but to be honest, technology isn't that expensive.
The most well know brand that likes to updates its hardware is Apple. As I stated in a previous post, this year alone Apple is releasing 2 new Ipads,back in March the Ipad 3 and somewhere between september and November the 4th generation. But surely this is to soon.

I feel brands should release new gadgets only once every three years or so, but should also release new software that is supported on all their previous devices saving people the hassle of having to buy a new computer every 5 years, which is the average amount of time it takes to change computer, but all though I do reccommend you updating your device if there is a hardware or software problem. But the concept is there, you could buy a PC, or Mac and it could settle you for life with only a click of a button, you could be updated. 

The obvious questions are 'how would they make money?' well charge for software updates, but not to charge if they are fixing problems with their current software.

If you think this idea is far fetched then think again, if you download applications on any device you get software updates don't you. It's not hard for manufacturers to do this, but common, their only thinking of their profit margins, meaning we always feel our devices are retro.

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