Social Media Buttons For Blogger & Wordpress

To get your blog recognized more online i suggest being on Twitter and Google +. These to social sites are a great way to engage with your viewers outside of your blog, and are also a great way to bring more people to your blog, after all you can promote your blog to the whole web for free!

After much thought i came to the idea that drawing my own facebook and twitter buttons i would be able to open more doors for "WRYM"  There are many sites out there that can give you high quality buttons but you must have clicked this link for some reason, right? Anyhow, these buttons took me around 20mins to make so you know i put loads of effort into them.

Im joking i actually like the uniqueness of these buttons as i haven't yet found any online that are similar. STOP! Before you say i know there are pictures similar but there not buttons! I have made this easy for you as all you have to do is copy and paste the following codes into your HTML/javascript gadget in you blog or website edit page.

Facebook Button 

<center><a href=" Your Facebook URL here "><img src="" width="70" height="70"></a><br><a href=" ">Get This Button<a/></center>

Twitter Button 

<center><a href=" Your Twitter URL here "><img src="" width="70" height="70"></a><br><a href=" ">Get This Button<a/><center>

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