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If you have clicked this link in hope of grabbing yourself the knowledge to become the most famous blogger out there i am afraid to tell you that this post isn't going to give you traffic, but it will give you a few pointers.

There are many different ways of getting traffic to your blog such as SEO, advertising or those sites that send "x" amount of people to your blog in a matter of days, and many people go through with these things. I guess after a certain point in time then yes. say if you have been blogging for 5 years but i can highly doubt you would need it, but if you are just starting out in blogging then stop there!
I have been a blogger for around 2 years and during this period of time i have learned what you need to do to get those viewers in and get people to share your content. The above options are not the answer. Take a look through your stats and find out which articles are getting the most views, then focus on creating content that are in the same subject or are similar to them.

For example my articles that get viewed the most are the ones that are to do with blogging, such as the one you are reading right now. Anyway I'm getting away from the point, focus on the posts people are reading most, and if you do you are more likely to get people to share your content, in result putting your blog higher in the search engine's "free SEO" .

The key to driving more traffic to your blog is to keep your viewers happy, which means you will have to post articles they actually want to see, but have a little passion. If you haven't got any passion in what you are doing then don't bother, that's the way i see it. I would much rather read an article that talks about a subject but leaks into the writer personal stories than read an article that is mainly fact after fact. If i wanted facts i would read an encyclopaedia, and that's what makes Blogger amazing. Bloggers are more interesting because we ave passion mainly because we enjoy doing what we do rather than we have to do it.

In my experiences with getting traffic i have found that social media is a great FREE promotion boost, if you haven't already going Twitter, in my opinion it is the best for sharing links with other in the same "boat" as you.

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