Long Lived The Desktop

(Guest post By JBIL)
First of all sorry about the font size, slight technical glicht as the post was sent over from JBIL.
The all in ones took 2011 by storm and have pretty much wiped out the old desktops. They had a long run surviving through good and bad times as well as threats from laptops gaming and notebooks. But it has long been overdue as its been replaced with a Pc that actually sits on your lap or at your desk with out having the tower cluttering up space.

The Desktop tower PC was literally loved all over the world with a lot of stuff packed into a tower. With great specs for it all to. But now the all in ones are everywhere at least one or two in each household and a lot more in businesses too.
You can still find a few towers haunting shop shelves but not as much as they used to, due to technology evolving over the years. Okay the very few desktop tower makes out there now do still pack a punch inside them with lots of hard drive space ( Up to 1TB or more) as well as having a decent 4GB ram , but this is nothing compared to what you can now find in a laptop. The gamers and some companies will still use towers especially gamers when it comes to graphic cards and liquid cooled CPU's. But All in ones and Also tabs will from now one dominate the near future.

Intel and AMD have sped up the process of this change by developing computers using up a lot less space as well as reducing the battery usage but still managing to get a great performance. And now there are more sleeker and thinner machines still being developed. So is the future all about thin and fast?

As well as all of this there comes the touch computers. Windows 7 helped boost this theme with laptops and screens purely used by touch only, But there is a good bit of news for the desktop tower lovers who don't want to give it up for a more compact device as windows 8 can be supported on towers. so its not all doom and gloom.

Some people may hate the fact of touching a massive screen but just think of not having tonnes of cables hidden under the desk constantly tangled where as with touchscreen computers laptops and tablets, this is pretty much hassle free with only having the charging equipment cables.

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