Why Blog? Here's why

Blogging has been a term for many years now, and millions of people do it, but why?

Blogging is a great way to let your imagination run wild, whilst sharing it with the rest of the world. As many people have discovered, there is no point doing it if no one is reading your posts, and this is where checking your statistics come in. The blogging platform that I would say is best is Blogger by Google, this is because of its ease of use, and mainly because you can see what posts are getting most views, where your readers are finding your blog and what countries they are from. Not only this it also allows you to see what operating system they are using, even mobile web.
Another reason to blog is to share your information. By this I mean, if you are researching something, 70% of the time the first results that come up on the major search engines are blogs. This is because ordinary people who are writing a personal blog tend to put more information into it. As everyone knows using Wikipedia, which I’m not saying it’s bad because it has helped me from time to time, the information on it can be false.
So overall, I feel everyone should blog, so we can all get the information people want out there!

Please share this and get the word out! Thankyou.


  1. Just read your why blog post, I have a blogger site: http://www.spiritual-lives-of-women.com/ and its sister site on wordpress: http://spirituallivesofwomen.com/

    Blogger I always thought of as more the everyday wear, where as my WP site is more formal party dress