History Of Google - Part 2

Hello again, and welcome to your second dose of Google History, which has lots to offer, and is really interesting as the company only started out as a research project out the back of a garage. Grantee you didn't know that. Well if your did "Good for you" because if you knew that then you will know the rest of this article and may consider closing the tab and looking for some thing more interesting on GOOGLE!

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So we left off on Google hitting a brick wall, with no money to operate and pay for servers, the young P.H.D students needed a cash injection, but finding it hard when the company was generating nothing.Your probably thinking "Advertisements" and Google does use advertising to this day, but they wanted to bring a different experience to their users. At the time their rivals Yahoo! did have adverts but weren't organized and adverts were plastered all over the place on their site, or the term "Internet Party" which means to many flashing things all at the same time.

Google finally came to approach advertising in a whole new way, the same way you search key words in the search engine. It works like this, lets say i type in "Computers" into Google Search. As well as finding the top ranked pages to do with computers Google finds relevant ads that are associated with Computers. No though, if you have an online blog/website, you can pay small fee's through Adwords and have your site featured in these advertisements. For example, if your blog was about Dogs, if anyone types in dogs your blog will appear at the top of the search in orange. The way Google charges you is through pay per click, so every time someone clicks your advertisement, you pay Google a set fee.

In part 3 find out what other offerings are out there which Google supplies. Don't forget to subscribe to get email updates!.

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