History Of Google - Part 1

Google, a well know name, and the most viewed site in the whole of the world wide web. Yes Google is the most viewed site along side Facebook and YouTube. But did you know the origins of the search engine giant? In this 3 part series i will be revealing almost every step in the timeline of the worlds favorite online company.

So Google, where did things start? To be honest to get a clearer picture we have to look back before it was even thought of, which takes us to Yahoo. Google will come into this post after a little more background history. Before i begin don't forget to subscribe to the site to know when part 2 is published. ( To the right)

Before the time of Yahoo! there was no internet online directory, and by this i mean no search engines, which didn't do the web much help, people simply chose not to use the internet mainly because it was all a big mesh of sites. In 1994 two students from Stanford University began a hobby online which categorized all the web sites that were all unordered on the web. They named it Jerry And Davids Guide To The World Wide Web. Bit of a long name isn't it. It was later changed to a more catching Yahoo! But what was a hobby soon would make them billionaires. They only problem was Yahoo only categorized web pages, you couldn't actually search.

In 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin got involved with a project to create an online universal digital library which was funded bu the National Science Foundation. What made their idea so unique was its simplicity. They though about the link structures online as a kind of virtual recommendation, for example, if a page about computers was linked to 10,000 time and there was also a page about the same thing but was only linked to 30 times the 10,000 one would show higher rankings in Google search.

All sounds great doesn't it, Google seems to be doing fine, well your wrong. Google needed money to operate which means it needed investors. But how could a company which was generating no money get investors? Find out in Part Two.

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