Is Making Money From Blogging That Important?

After some time most bloggers will come to the point where making money from their blog is achievable, but in my case that isn't. I'm not saying that my blog isn't getting any views because it is, and if your reading this its a view right? Anyhow, making money from blogging, and i mean enough that it really makes a difference takes time, effort and determination.

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Have you ever ended up on a website/blog and it is absolutely plastered in adverts, and i mean everywhere (as a header, footer and even after every single post) Its just annoying, and im sure if you feel that way there are many others who do to.

Advertisements are good, but if used well. I would be lying if i said don't have them at all because they are stupid, because as you can see i have 2 ads on my entire blog. If you want to begin to make serious money from blogging then you will never get there from pay per clicks unless you are getting millions of views a day. You either need to sell a product, whether that's a service you provide or an actual product, or get private advertisers.

Be warned, and there are thousands of people who have already said this online, time is key. Things simply don't happen over night. You need to establish your personal brand, post regular GOOD content, get noticed and have a respectable amount of views, then you can focus on making some money.

Not only this, if you currently have a job but would like to quite and blog for a living, make sure you have some savings you can break into because you will not have a stable amount of money coming in each month. Lets say you take a 2 week holiday and you have no body to post articles for you, that month may be tight.

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