Microsoft Fixes 'Big Boobs' Codeing Error

What!? I guess thats what your thinking, well its simple, Microsoft was alerted to a coding error which was labeled "Big Boobs" if like me you may be thinking "Why would anybody at Microsoft give a massive chunk of coding the name "Big Boobs". What can i say, Microsoft does like pulling random things out of the hat.

The hexadecimal string 0xB16B00B5 and for those people who loved writing "Boobs" on the old school calculators you should be able to see it in the previous code name.
It was discovered in the code which helps a Microsoft program which works on Linux open source software. Yes, i know, i have written about Linux for the second time!
But is this really a big issue? I mean, seriously, what was going thought the persons mind when the thought  

0xB16B00B5 was "BIG Boobs"

But this is no set back for Microsoft as it hasn't cause much discussion around the world. But let them get all the last things ready for Windows 8 launch, silly interruptions shouldn't be made in my opinion!

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