Artificial Jellyfish Made From A Rat!?!

So guys, its all about the title here. Yes, scientists in the US have made a "Free Swimming Jellyfish". I'm all for science and do find the majority of findings/theory's rather interesting, but come on, this is just weird! Honestly, what do you get from a Jellyfish made from Rat muscle cell structures?

The team made a replica silicone swimming Jellyfish which contained Rat cells, with a slight joult from an electrical current it began showing swimming movements. But how do we know this wasn't the muscle cells having a spasm?

Now I'm going to swiftly move on to the environment which has nothing to do with the title.

For the last 50 years scientists and geophysicists have been saying that green house gasses are causing the planet to warm up "Global Warming". Im all from being more efficient with recycling, but is it really making a difference? I mean, here i am scraping the mar-mite out of the jar, its like turning up to an earth quake with a dust pan and brush. If you want to save the environment then cut down on using transport with burns fossil fuels. That is the big picture.

Anyhow, if you feel strongly about the environment or feel a Jellyfish made from plastic and Rat cells is weird then please share this post as it really does help me along! Until next time!

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