My Top 10 IOS Apps

I am a frequent IOS user and love what apple have done, but if it wasn't for the applications i wouldn't have purchase any of their portable devices.

Here is MY top 10 apps for IOS, baring in mine most of them are games.

  1. Blogger - Simple and easy to use
  2. BBC Iplayer - Never miss a thing 
  3. Youtube - Direct access to your YouTube Account  
  4. TuneIn Radio - Listen to any radio station around the world!
  5. Angry Birds Series - Never ending fun
  6. Temple Run/Brave - Become a finger sliding pro!
  7. Guitar Hero - Download your favorite songs and play them on Guitar Hero
  8. RC Plane 2 - Start your aviation career!
  9. Galaxy Empire - connect with thousands online and attack their empires - A great time consumer
  10. HD Wallpapers Retina Edition - Make your device look special
So there are my top 10 which i free others would like, dont forget to share and comment!

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