Top Tech News - Facebook, 3D Printers And More...

Facebook has announce its Users will NOT be able to vote against policy changes after an email was sent out to all users stating Facebook wanted a more 'meaningful' way for users to give feedback. So how are they going to be making a more meaningful way for suggestions? We'll just have to wait and see.

3D Printers
So 3D printers have been around for over 40 years, but soon they will be just another house hold essential as prices have fallen dramatically. But this raises questions. If you have a 3D print and for instance want to make your self a model of a product or trade mark you would have to by the license to do so else you would be breaching copyright. 

Cyber Hackers
A student hacked into the PayPal website, costing the company 3.5 million. What a great way to pay off your student loans? No its not a good thing. This started because PayPal refused to process WikiLeaks payments.

UN Net Control
The United nations telecoms company should not be allowed to control the internet. The united nations shouldnt be allowed to do so because the internet is from the general public. This is causing debates as users dont like the idea of having their internet usage tracked. What do you think?

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