We Read Your Mind

Hi there, im writing this very late but this post is an introduction to We Read Your Mind, even though it has been up since January 2012. I forgot to write an introduction post so i thought i'd might as well do one now. And i guess this will be a good introduction post for my new viewers.

I, Dillon Smart, made WRYM by accident and didnt actually want to call the site it in the first place. I was actually on GoDaddy search to see if informationbox or informationheaven were free, and surprise surprise they weren't. Then out of no where the domain name www.wereadyourmind.com popped into my head, and as you guessed it i got it.
So what is WRYM all about?
Well i like to write content online, and im a lover of technology, so i write about both of those things. Not only this i have had ideas that can help me interact with my viewers such as "Write for us" and the free advertising. I still have loads of ideas that im currently trying to work on, some easier than other. This is the first time i have written this online but im kind of working on a social network but shhh, i dont want anybody to know! Im joking, what you waiting for tweet, facebook, google plus!!!

Not only above but i have WRYM Records, and im currently sorting a few things out for WRYM clothing range, which will all be sold on amazon or direct for me. The clothing range will be launch as of the 15 July 2012.

So if your a new viewer here, then i welcome you and thank you to my current viewers for your support. Please share this post or just the URL to get more people to come interact!

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