Why I Love Technology

Hello guys, before you question why this post is in my main blog, its because this is more about me and not a review or me helping you with tech. In my opinion this is to much of a personal article so it suits being here instead. Imk just going to simply outline why i love technology and what my favorite gadget is.

For as long as i can remember i have always been fascinated by technology. I can remember when i was 6 and really wanted a laptop so i pretended a book was my laptop, sounds silly i know but i imagined the letters on the pages were the keys, although i could probably get more sense out of a book rather than any computer.

 The reason i love technology is because it never stops, manufacturers are continuously reinvention their previous products and changing the way we run our life, unlike some people who love a band or sports star, yet they do go on forever. Back when the IPhone was first released i was so, lets think of the word, astonished that such a device could be made. I mean come on, it was the first thing like it ever made.

To be completely honest the tech that i would rather get into is the first computer or type writer. Frankly, if a type writer could be hooked up to a PC i would get one, the way the keys work are so "Finger Friendly". (If anybody knows of such a device please contact me!

So, moving on, my favorite gadget must be my wireless mouse, and i know your thinks "Huuu?" well let me explain. The wireless mouse is such a great device because it is so simple, the only fault i have every got form it is when i have placed it down to hard and the battery had fall out. It is robust, stylish and Eco friendly "On/Off switch"

Anyway, that's it form my love for technology. Reading back over the second paragraph it sounds like im telling a story. If you would share this post it would be much appreciated!

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