I Love Pasta!

Let me guess, you currently thinking "Well this is random" and yes im thinking the same thing and im writing this article! I thought to myself yesterday i will start to write articles that are completely out of context from every other article i have written, and this is a kind of experiment. If you (the viewers) like this post i will write more that are "weird" and "random" if you don't like it, i will just continue plodding along as i have done before. 

I love Pasta! I have no idea why but i love every type of pasta, every sauce that goes with Pasta and i generally love saying the word Pasta, well i don't really because that would be odd. "Do you want cookies?" "i love pasta" "do you want to play Call Of Duty?" "I love Pasta".

Ok so i have come to the conclusion that saying Pasta in most sentences doesn't work well, but what is there not to like about Pasta? I mean honestly there's... This is going to be a big list... maybe :
  • Pot Noodles 
  • Noodles 
  • lasagne
  • chicken bake 
  • Tuna bake 
Im going to stop there otherwise i will be here for days, but what i just listed are probably my favorite.

If you found this post in any way weird, odd or just plain stupid, feel free to leave me a comment saying so!

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