How To Get More Viewers To Your Blog/Website?

So, everyone who owns a blog or website has thought to themselves, "How do i get more people to view my posts?" I have seen many people asking this question and i have devised a plan on how you can do so. Just to warn, these steps have helped me and only be so i cant speak for every blogger out there, but i would like to know if it helps you. Leave a comment - share this post - or re-blog it if you think its that good!

I started by failing. I'm not ashamed to say it but i have learned from my mistakes and feel i am succeeding. No matter how many times you fail, always look at it as if  "That's one way i shouldn't do it" Its a known fact that you can't win without loosing. So if you ever run out of motivation because you aren't really engaging with your viewers just think, this will change.

Another way is free promotion, and before i start on this topic I'm going to say that i currently host free advertising HERE. Anyway, free promotion and advertising is right in front of you! Social media and social networking. All you have to do is build an audience on all the networking sites out there and there you go, its easy to copy and paste a link! Creating YouTube videos is a great way to engage with your audience, if they like you text based posts then i grantee they'le like your videos, people want to see the face behind the writing.
Get a .com .ca .org .net .in .tu and how ever many more there are out there. People who see a link that is a bought URL will trust it more. Not only this they would see it as "they want to do well online" If you dont buy a domain name then your showing that you basically dont really care about your blog or site. Not only this and this is for your own safety, hosts that offer a , and this is an example, which is a sub domain can actually take the name away from you and your online presence would be gone!. 

So i hope this helped, and why not help me get viewers and SHARE THIS POST! Thankyou!

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