Building A Personal Brand

First things first, i guess you thinking about "what is a personal brand" or "do i have a personal brand?" Well to sum them questions up, its what ever you think they are. No one can say what your personal brand is, but you can help to guess what it is.

A personal brand could be anything you make it to be. I would like to suggest that my personal brand is WRYM (WeReadYourMind) but some of you may think its just Dillon Smart.

To build a personal brand, you obviously have to be offering something to a community of people, and this community could be ten people or 100,000 people. As long as you are supplying content to someone, they will think of you as something. BAM, you've hit the jackpot, there is your personal brand.

Your personal brand can be anything, as i have already stated. Even if someone thinks you a complete **** you have still made a name for yourself. Well you already have a name, at least i hope you do?

Creating a personal brand can take time, and maybe some money. There are many people who open blogs and everythin
g is fine for x amount of time then they just give up. This isn't a good thing, because through giving up you have given up on your brand and all the time you spent on writing or creating your content was a waste of time. Maybe your happy about giving up because it was stressful, but sit back and think "Why was it a failure". If you come up with a reason then you could continue or simply start again and correct all the mistakes you did before. By doing this over and over again you will realise what your "Niche" is, what content you are focusing on such as technology, and then you can focus on expanding our audience, creating that all important personal brand.

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