Is The Best Really The Best In A Never Ending Race?

First of all this post is a multi genre, tech, music and general blog, but anyway, we all here people say "This is the best" and "No that one's the best." Today i will be stripping these phrases apart and explaining why they are all wrong!

So, how can something be the best if within the next year something else is the best? I mean it can be the best at the time but it wont always be, will it?

No matter what you think, if you ask someone what is the best smart phone their first answer would be the Iphone, but this is just because of the band. Apple even said the Iphone is the best phone yet within 3 years it no longer is, and you may no know it but the Samsung Galaxy S 2 has much more features, bigger screen and looks so much more appealing. 

This works with everything, is that car the best? Is that film the best? Or is that newspaper the best? It may be the best you've seen, but it may actually not be the best in the world. 

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