Tweet me? + 1 me? Re - post my content?

I'm going to start this of simply, follow me on twitter and Google +, not just for the reason that I want to let you know what I'm doing at the exact time but more for a humorous reason.

If you already follow me then great, but as everyone knows I tweet continuously about my Site, and I have reached the point where I want to spice things up a bit.

When I tweet about my site, from now on it will be a quote, a joke from a famous comedian or just something that I find funny.I will be doing this because I know looking at me tweeting the same old link all day if sooooo boring.

If you like what I write about it general, whether it's on the block , on twitter or google+ plus then share it. I have made it simple for you to share my posts with the share buttons below!!! So go on, get clicking.

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