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So the same problem occurs to bloggers and everyone will come across it, and that is running out of content or subjects to write about. So today i will give some pointers that i have came up with in my 2 years of writing content online. Also i will give help on getting more views to your site/blog. This can also help if you do Vlogs on YouTube.

  1. Have a schedule
  2. Heart and soul
  3. Make it interesting
  4. Social media 
1. If you want to be writing content and have people keep coming back to read your posts make sure you have a time delay in-between each time you publish a post. By this i mean, dont write all your posts in a short amount of time and publish them. This is because you will soon run out of ideas and you may being to get bored of what you are doing and do the classic blogging mistake of giving up. I did this on this very blog, and luckily i didnt delete it because i returned after 3 months with over 1000 unique views, which gave me a little more motivation to continue. 

If you want to keep a schedules then make certain points in time for when you will post a blog, i change mine from time to time and recently it has been one every day and i will try my hardest to keep it up but everyone has things to do.

Pre write some blogs so if you haven't got any time to sit down and write a blog, all you have to do is copy and paste it. It could take you 2 minuets to publish a blog post, rather than 60 minuets writing one when you havent got that time. 

2. By putting you heart and soul into what ever content you are posting, if its text, pictures or videos, people will pick up on it and want to see more of you content. There is no point writing about stuff that doesn't particulate interest you because people will notice that in the effort you put in. 

3. Put pictures in. Make the rest of your blog look appealing. You could be the best writer in the world but no body wants to read complete text after text. Spice things up a little. Make your blog or site look attractive or user friendly. The first thing people look at in a site is the colour, images and the flash content. Yeah they might glimpse at the text but the whole point of being a blogger is that you aren't writing a book. If your views want to read a book they will buy one. Take for example my blog. I have the odd advertisement, my twitter updates, images and a page bar. Its amazing what a page bar can actually do but i will expand on that in another post. 

4. And finally, prompt your blog or website. By using social networking sites or expanding your online presence through different social media sites such as You Tube and Flickr you re getting the word out in many different places to a whole variety of people.  

If you found this helpful, please share to help me along too.

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