Will the world end this year? Part 2

First things first, this is a carry on from "will the world end this year" so if you didn't read that click the link to get the whole story.

The U.k had recently gone back into a recession, but how could this be? Surly the government was doing things to keep us out of one. I mean come on, everyone was just getting used to things getting back to normal. How could they lets happen. Or maybe there's something we aren't being told about?

If the world really is going to end this year, or if something catastrophic was going to happen dont you think the government would have been trying to do something about it, such as high tech bunkers for refugees? You can say its a bit far fetched, but is it? Everyone knows governments lie to keep the peace, and maybe they might be doing it right now.

To do such an operation would take shed loads of cash, which could explain the last recession and this one. But what can i say? Its only a matter of time.

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