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First things first, i got my inspiration for this blog from Chris Pirillo and if you don't know who he is i dont know where you have been hiding, you must be good at hide and seek. He is one of the best You Tubers, Bloggers and business owners on the web today.

So anyway, online community. I grantee most of you are thinking of Facebook or twitter at this time, and your right, i mean im not saying your wrong. Being here on my blog you are engaging in a community i started. And without people coming to this blog, this community wouldn't exist.

No matter what, even if you don't know you are, but you are part of this community the "We Read Your Mind" community because you came here for a reason. Whether its because you like one of my posts so you have returned, or you follow me on twitter or Google +, you still came here for a reason, even if you didn't mean to click the link that i continuously post, your still reading right? So therefore you are part of this community because you haven't thrown your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device at the wall because i so boring.

The way a community grows is through people sharing the content. So if you do like this content that i post, go ahead and share to make more people part of this community. Stay connected within this community by subscribing via email or favourite this url. Whatever you do even if you never return, you are apart of this community and every other community on the web that blog and talk about technology.

I quote from Chris "Community is inside every one of us, even if you dont know it"

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