HTML Lesson 1 - The Basics

This is a post aimed at the newbies to HTML, and unfortunately i can't teach you every nook and cranny in one post because that will be like teach a whole new language to a baby overnight, so i will be posting multiple lessons over a short period of time, let lesson on commence. 

Fist of all you will need to know what HTML is. HTML is computer talk, writing HTML code is telling a web browser or application what to do, and once you have got the hang of it you can do pretty much anything.
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As you can see in the picture there are a lot of < and >. These are called tags and if you enter the right text between these you are starting a new command. To write HTML code you need a text editor, for windows its Note Pad and MAC its Text editor, i dont know what the Linux one is, i dont even know if it has one built in.  Once you have your text editor open save it on your home screen example "WRYM" then re-open it and click save as WRYM.html but keep the first one you saved too!

I will be teaching you about FONT commands today (which i think is a good place to start) You might as well copy and paste this following code into you text editor to make things quicker.

<font face="arial"> Hello World </font> you notice where the "arial" is, you can enter the name of any font into this and the font in between "Hello World" will be change. Another reminder that you must write all commands the AMERICAN way! Have a go at changing the font to georgia.

Okay so you have done that, now change the color and copy this just before Hello World
<font color="red">  You can do the same with font size just before, remember just before Hello World <font size="5"> the reason why it has to be before the Hello world is because you notice just after it there's </font> that command tells the web browser that you no longer what to edit what ever is between the first command. To close commands you must place a "/" before the text such as </a> or </font>

So you have now edited simple text, well done! In the next lesson i will teach you how to make a web page using HTML which changing the background color, adding images, links and more.

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