History Of Blogger

(Posted By Dillon Smart - WRYM)
Blogger, it is a blog-publishing-tool for private or multi-user blogging. Founded in 1999 by Pyra Labs and was bought at a later date by Google in 2003. Now all the blogs are on Google's servers with a sub-domain .blogspot.com. It took Google 7 years until they allowed users to blog on other hosts via FTP.

When Blogger was launched its intentions were to popularize the blogging format or otherwise known as "web blogs". After Blogger was bought by Google they modified the templates, allowed any Google user to comment and launched email blogging. Later in 2004 Google purchased picasa and integrated it into Blogger, allowing users to add photos into their posts.

 There  are still to this date limitations on Blogger such as the amount of Blogs that any user can have, which is a respectable 100! Like that's a limit. There are no limits to how many posts any one blog can have and the limitation on how many lables there can be on one blog is 2000! Yeah because Googles being harsh...NOT! All this for free. How can you complain? I use Blogger and have done for a long time, i did use WordPress but have always preferred blogger.

So, what you waiting for? Create a blog today! Get you opinion on the web and contribute to the content people go looking for.

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