The "F" Word? (WRYM)

Its been just under a week since Facebook allowed anyone to buy shares into the company, But is this a wise decision from the outstanding Mark Zuckerberg?

By allowing people to buy into Facebook, Mark is clearly showing that Facebook is here to stay and that it won't vanish of the radar like other social networking sites. This opens new opportunities for Facebook and will keep competitors such as Google + away from stealing its rank in having the most users.

Although this sounds good, what is the future for the social networking giant? Well many people have been speculating and its clear that most of you are under the impression that within the next 5 years Facebook will be brought out by some media giant.

This may seem far fetched and i would have to say that i disagree with this idea all together. Zuckerberg loves Facebook, its been his life since 2003, and i don't think hes going to give up just yet. No one would know what Facebooks going to pull out of the hat next, only time can tell.

Now to Mark and his wife, and all i can say is congratulations!

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