Enough Is Enough (WRYM)

Yeah, its been a while since i lasted posted but that hasn't been my fault. this week and part of last week i was on holiday. I did take my Blackberry Playbook so i could write a few posts whilst there but it turned out there was no internet connection. But that isn't what this post is based on.Today im going to be talking about Twitter Followers.
Most people wants loads of twitter followers, but dont and i mean dont go to these sites that give you 5000 followers for a small fee if you are running an online campaign, business or site/blog. If you do you will be attracting the wrong audience. By getting followers the slower way you know people are following you because they like the content your writing. Also they could be someone in the same situation or have similar likes as you.

These sites that give you followers are "shams" your not going to be benefiting from it, and to be honest its cheating, but who says its a competition right.

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