Suffering from writers block?

Have you hit the wall all writers hit over and over again? Feel like you are running out of ideas and maybe feel what you are writing doesn't entertain or inspire anybody anymore? Well there are many blog posts, videos and websites all talking about this subject yet I feel I have a completely different way of solving this.

My old school art teacher once approached me and said “you haven’t a clue what to do have you” and I never really paid much attention in art so I obviously hadn’t a clue what to paint, draw or make. He asked me what I do when I get up in the morning, what are my actions, what do I eat for breakfast, so I rattled a load of things off to him. He replied saying draw a piece of toast, and in your sketch book try to explain the emotion you had when eating that piece of toast.

As simple as it sounds it does work in writing too. I’m not saying write about toast, but even the most boring subjects can be brought to life by creativity and your emotion.  So give it a go, really get into detail about the simplest of subjects, as they always say “The more simple a product, the more it sells”

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