Home DJ equipment - What do you need?

Many people would love to make there own remixes of their favourite songs and even create their own tracks. Here I will tell you what is needed to do so and what is the best equipment for your money. 
First of all you need the software. Here I would recommend using virtual DJ, mainly because its user friendly interface is amazing. Also you can have it for free, but lacks a few features if you don't buy yet that hasn't effected me and I have been using it for well over a year. Also Virtual DJ has a wide variety of skins and allows you to have any "plug in" as long as you download the necessary files so it is compatible with your equipment.

 Right now on to the cool stuff, the "plug ins". I would highly recommend the CDJ 400 by pioneer, this is because its is the best for its value    and allows you to connect with you PC or MAC. Also it has a CD port where you can insert CD's and play around with them :D. 

Next up is your mixing board. Here i would go for the BEHRINGER XENYX 1002 MIX BOARD 10 CHANNEL PA DJ MIXER. This is because you would not find another with the amount of functionality for the same price. 
There you have it. The main essentials to becoming a DJ. After you are comfortable with what you have you could go on to buying a microphone, MID keyboard and all other stuff to produce your own acoustic music. 
Please share this if you feel it was helpful, Thanks.

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