What is HTML code?

HTML code is a computer code which tells the computer what to do. You make websites using HTML codes but just don't see it. If you left click, scroll down to view page source, that is HTML text. Looks compilcated doesn't it, well it isn't it is actually very simple.
simple tags like ;

  • <html>
  • <a href="http://www.dillonsmart.blogspot.com"> 
These are used all the time in websites, all you to know is what each one does, and there are more of these codes than there are in the English dictionary. By knowing what 2 codes do you can make them work together to do a comand which is much better than what it previously was. 
The code <font face="arial"> changes the font, where as <font color="blue"> changes the colour. Oh yeah almost forgot, because microsoft is an american country, all text has to be spelt the american way. 

So HTML text is pretty easy and i will be writing future blog tutorials to help those in need of it.


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