The U.K Government. Are They Doing A Good Job?

The U.K government is very different to many other governments, with the traditional Monarchy signing off laws and opening and closing parliament. Although many people question where the government are doing any good for the nation.
Many 16-25 year old people are out of work, which the government are blaming on private sector employers. They say private sector employers should be employing more people within this age bracket. However the government are making cuts in the public sector. To me this is a bit hypocritical.
The government should be putting more funding into the public sector where jobs are most needed.
Also when the last government was in power, the labour party, they cut the VAT down to 15% which helped people with less money whereas the current government, the conservatives, put it up to 20% helping protect those with more money. This is a bit funny where the majority of people living in Britain are earning less than 70,000 a year. Personally I think the government should be supporting these people? 

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