When to Blog and what to Blog about?

When to Blog
I am keen to write but i tend to write most of my blogs before hand. I don't really have a specific time i like to write blog posts but its usually between 8pm and midnight. I did some research into this and i found out that around this time you brain is more creative. Most bloggers are active around this time too, people read blogs primarily during the early hours of the morning and late evening.
What to Blog about
People always say you should blog about what interests you, and this works to a certain point but you have to look at the bigger picture. Find out about what blogs people are reading most and look at the content. They must be successful for a reason right? Maybe because of dedication but it may be because its what people actually want to read.
Yes you should enjoy what your blogging, so don't bother doing something you don't like. One tip from me which i like to call the tripod, which it interconnect all you social networking sites. I use YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to promote my site. Try it, its better than sitting there waiting for people to come to you, you have to go to them first. After time you can sit back and watch the view come in.

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